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2021 Spring   League starts 3/9/2021.  All players that sign up before 3/10/2021 will receive a free league t-shirt!  

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2021 Spring Cornhole League

10 Week League
(3/9/2021 -5/11/2021) Season
Location: The Hub Music Hall – 201 Washington Street, Monroe, LA 71201

All players are welcome to play in the weekly tournaments, whether they join the league or not.  Non-league players will only be eligible to play for the weekly tournament cash prize.  Only players who paid to join the league before 3/10/2021 will receive the free league T-shirt. Players must  join the league prior to (4/13/2021) to be eligible for the end of season awards. Players will not start earning league points until they have joined the league, regardless of previous tournaments played during the league time frame.

Entry fees and weekly buy-ins:
Join the league entry fee $25 (free league T-shirt if joined before 3/10/2021)
Weekly buy-in $20

10 Week League
Played on Tuesday nights.  Sign up & warm-up 6pm.  Tournament start 7pm.
4 rounds of ACL Swap with top half moving forward to the Single Elimination Blind Draw.
Top 2 or 3 teams of the Blind Draw will be paid out 80% of weekly buy-in amount.


Scoring & League Points:
During the 4 rounds of the ACL Swap, each player will receive a new partner for each of the four games.  Each game will be played as a race to 21 with cancellation scoring. The game ends after a team scores 21 or over. Scoring for the game will be the total points for each team at the end of the final round. Points are counted past 21 to a max of 25. The points at the end of the game, will be awarded to both players of each team. (i.e., Team A wins the game with 23 points and Team B has 18 points.  Each player on Team A will receive 23 points to their tournament total and each player on Team B will receive 18 points to their tournament total.) The total points for the four games will be the tournament total, which will determine the top half of the field advancing to the Blind Draw Finals and will be added each week to the League Season total points for each player.
Bonus points will be awarded to the top 4 teams in the Blind Draw Single Elimination Finals tournament as follows:  1st 10pts, 2nd 7pts, 3rd 5pts, 4th 3pts.  The bonus points will be awarded to each player on the team and will be added to their tournament total and then added to the League Season total.

Payouts and Prizes:
Weekly Tournament - Each week, we will give a nightly payout of approximately 80% of all buy-ins.

Payouts will be as follows:  < 20 total players, top two teams in the blind draw finals will receive a split of approximately 65/35 of the total prize pot. If 20 or more total players, top three teams in the blind draw finals will receive a split of approximately 60/25/15 of the total prize pot.
League Season Awards – The top 5 players at the end of the league will receive a Bayou Bagz Award. These awards are based on the point system total earned for the ACL Swap and the bonus points for placing in the Blind Draw Finals each week (League Season Total).

Bayou Bagz Cornhole prides itself on creating a fun, family-oriented recreational environment where people can get away from the normal drama and strife created in our daily lives.  Our weekly tournaments are for everyone, no matter what skill level. Though we create a league where people can compete, it must be recognized for what it truly is, a chance for fellowship and relaxation; a chance to enjoy the company of some awesome people.  Bottom line, our weekly league events are all about having fun.  It should not be taken so seriously that the fun is being stepped on.  We have never claimed to be perfect and never will.  Mistakes will be made.  We will always do everything thing we can to eliminate mistakes and will do everything we can to correct them in the fairest possible way. We are open to any comments and suggestions and ask that you bring those directly to us to discuss or address instead of voicing them in the form of gossip.  This will allow us to proactively approach any situation that needs to be addressed.  We expect all players to pride themselves with good sportsmanship.  The nature of a blind draw style tournament allows for players to be paired with other players at times that are not on the same skill level. This is going to happen and needs to be handled with class.  We are sharing a sport we love with new players every day. We expect veteran players to welcome these new players, help them learn this game we love, and be patient with the process. There are good attitudes, bad attitudes, and the right attitude.  We ask that all players show up each week with the correct expectations and the right attitude.  If this is done, then we will all succeed in having a very successful and most importantly, a fun league event.  Bayou Bagz Cornhole reserves the right to warn players about attitude, excessive profanity and outbursts, and adherence to venue regulations. Players that insistently violate these types of offenses will be asked to leave the event or can be banned from all future events.  We recognize that we all like to compete and none of us like to lose. At times, we will get upset about this.  Let us all just try to keep our heads cool and have fun.  Whether you win or lose, do it with grace, dignity, and class.   


King of Boards Challenge

Challenge Dates:
March 16th – June 29th (16 weeks)
Tuesday Nights

$10 qualifier fee
$5 per challenge fee

The initial ranking order will be determined by each player throwing down and back two times in a deck around style qualifier. The tally of all four rounds of throwing will be their qualifying score.  All ties will be broken by a second round of throws.
KOB challenges will begin March 16th.
Each week players can challenge above their current rank by 2 spots.
Each challenge will cost the challenging player $5 which goes to the KOB prize pot.
Challenges can be issued against players that are not in attendance. The challenging player must pay the $5 challenge fee.  The challenging player will automatically win the spot of the absent player.
Challenges will be in order of the lowest rank player to the highest rank.
Each player can challenge once a day and will only have to defend one challenge per day (with exception to the number one ranked player).
If a player is challenged, they must accept or forfeit the challenge.
Each week, the KOB ranking will be reset according to the results of the previous week challenges and the challenges will start over.
Players can join KOB late, but they will start at the lowest rank on the list.

How it is played:
KOB is a side tournament separate from League Tournaments.
Challenge games will be one singles game which will be a race to 11 using cancellation scoring.
The lowest ranked player will be first to offer a challenge. 
Each challenge made will be for two spots above the current rank (i.e. 15th ranked player will challenge 13th ranked player).
If the player initiating the challenge wins the challenge, the two players will swap positions on the ranking board.  (i.e. if 15 beats 13, 13 now becomes 15 and 15 becomes 13). 
If a higher ranked player is beat in a challenge by a lower ranked player, the higher ranked player will also lose their opportunity to challenge a player in addition to losing two spots in the ranking board.
If a higher ranked player is challenged by a lower ranked player and win the challenge, both players remain in their current rank and the higher ranked player will have the opportunity to challenge a player higher than their current rank.
For positions 1st, 2nd, and 3rd: 3rd position will have first shot at a challenge for 1st position. The outcome will determine the new ranking and then 2nd place will have the opportunity to challenge for 1st position.
1st position is the only rank that could have to defend against 2 challenges in one night.
After all challenges have been played, the new ranking board will be created based on the outcomes of the nights challenges and will be the new ranking board to start the next week’s challenges.

Payouts: 100% of all qualifier and challenge fees ($5) paid by a challenging player will go into the KOB prize pot.  95% will be paid out to the top 10 spots and 5% will go towards an award for the King! The top 10 on the KOB ranking list will payout as follows: 1st 23%, 2nd 18%, 3rd 14%, 4th 10%, 5th 9%, 6th 7%, 7th 5%, 8th 4%, 9th 3%, 10th 2%.

For standings on past leagues visit our 

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