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Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Our indoor cornhole sports facility - Come enjoy the growing sport is of Cornhole at our indoor facility. We will be hosting tournaments and leagues, or you can come and just play as you want. We offer tournament hosting for your next event or festival. We have ACL (American Cornhole League) certified, tournament class equipment. We cater to both the social players and the competitive advanced players. We offer the chance to join the ACL and the chance to earn ACL points through our tournaments.

Who are we? Bayou Bagz Cornhole is founded by Beaux Ishee and Ray Anding. We are competitive players in the sport of cornhole who have participated in numerous tournaments in our region. As we saw this sport beginning to gain popularity in our area, we saw many people playing in small groups in their back yards. We have been playing this game for the better part of a decade, so seeing so many others beginning to play the game we love so much, we started to see a vision of where this sport was headed and knew we wanted to not only be a part of this growing trend, but also to be leaders in the sport to ensure the game holds its integrity with true class and sportsmanship.

The old saying about Louisiana weather is, “If you don’t like the weather, give it an hour and it will change.” We saw a need to provide an area to get out of the sloppy wet weather and extreme temperatures, and into a climate-controlled atmosphere where we as players can compete no matter the conditions outside or time of day. We also saw so many versions of cornhole boards from various sizes and qualities being played at with at tournaments that made it a whole new challenge every game just to try and adjust to the boards. So, several months of planning and research led us to a full game plan of how to overcome all these challenges and take the sport to new heights in our region.

In July of 2019, the birth of Bayou Bagz Cornhole finally happened. We secured an indoor facility that gives us over 5,000 sqft of playing area, a bar for food and beverages, a temperature-controlled environment, and level floor to play on. Brand new boards and bags were ordered from Lucky Boards of New Orleans, LA. All gear will be branded with the Bayou Bagz logo. All of the gear will be ACL certified tournament class boards. We searched for the best gear for our facility and were lucky to find Mike Hennessey with Lucky Boards. Mike is also a regional director with the ACL and provide a tremendous amount of advice and support to ensure our success.

We have so much fun coming to Bayou Bagz Cornhole. Our grand opening is being planned and we are looking to have multiple tournaments at our facility on that day. We will be a 100% family friendly sports facility. We will be setting up the premier NELA cornhole league with separate classes for the social players and the advanced players. We anticipate mini-tournaments all throughout the weeks and a larger tournament monthly. We will be open 7 days a week, so we can accommodate all players and their schedules. Court rentals during open play times will be for $10/hour no matter the number of players on the court. We plan to offer food and beverages for the family and for the adults. As members and directors with the ACL, we will be offering all players the opportunity to join the ACL and to receive points for playing our tournaments.

Come play with us! Help us grow and help the great sport of cornhole grow in our area! Everyday is a great day to play! Everyone can play the game of cornhole! If you have never played and would like to learn, we are here to teach you the game we love.

The day after securing our facility, we just had to try it out!

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